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Shelley Deeming

shelley deeming

I have a deep connection to the Bream Bay ward I’ve represented for the past 12 years. My roots are well established and anchored with fond memories linked to Waipu, Ruakaka, Marsden and the surrounding areas.

I grew up at Oakleigh where my brother’s still own the Service Station built by our father in the 1940’s. I remember travelling to school every day in Roy Vaile’s green school bus to attend Waipu District High School where I spent my entire school career. Us ‘Price’ kids spent all of every Christmas school holiday under canvas at the Ruakaka camp ground; in the early days crossing the estuary in farm trucks before the bridge was built. The influx of English kids wearing shoes when the Oil Refinery got underway has stayed firmly imprinted in my mind as if it were yesterday.

Today, I believe the impact of our footprint; how we care for the environment and each other is of paramount importance. It is a privilege to live and work in an area that genuinely cares for its people, their livelihood and environment; values that have given me a strong foundation to help the growth and development for future generations to thrive in.

Shelley Deeming
Bream Bay Ward Councillor

Steve Price

steve price

Isn’t crazy how things work out? When I started this latest journey I had no idea where in the North Island I would get my store. I have now been the owner of Waipu Four Square for over 12 months.

As a kid growing up in country Queensland, I always dreamt of living near the beach; something I hadn’t achieved until now. I was fortunate enough to be born in a small town that had a proud history of hard work and looking after each other. Working and living in a community who're exceptional proud of their roots, hard working and who look out for one another - ALL this in my dream location.

Bream Bay district is one of beauty both in landscape and people. Everyone has been very welcoming and I love the tight community atmosphere. I am blessed to have amazing staff who are all local. Mostly born and bred. They’ve been invaluable in helping me make Waipu Four Square the best store it can be.

I have thrown the boots back on through the year to play Rugby - yes I know it surprised me too! But not only did I do that, I did it in a Kilt for the ‘Men in Kilts Masters’ game played against Kerikeri. I have also had the privilege of speaking at a fund raising event for the new Celtic Barn; a brilliant new facility provided by a lot of vision and hard working locals.

Tragically two young lives were lost last summer holidays in the Bay. So as the locals do, they put their heads together and decided to get donations to purchase a Jetski to make the beautiful beaches a lot safer.

I call Bream Bay ‘Rural by the sea;’ a haven that has farmland and beautiful white sandy beaches where many kiwis and visitors enjoy especially in Summer.

Thank you Bream Bay for making me and the thousands of others you share your Northland paradise with, feel so welcome. If you are in Waipu drop in and say g’day and check out our beaut little shop and meet our amazing staff.

Be Good and Safe
Steve Price

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